The Birth of Fryk Beat Records
In the beginning, there were two boys from Germany.
Before they even met, they both had their childhood dreams. Little did they know that someday they would go to a land called Portland, establishing a new pinnacle of magical music and record label spectacle.
"Within all of is an elusive melody which, when heard and followed, leads to the fulfillment of our fondest dreams," EJ & E*Rock explain simply. Indeed, growing up in the small town of Rosenheim, Germany, Adalbert "EJ" Fischbacher experienced a powerful feeling of destiny at a very early age. When he was nine years old, feeling drawn to the world of music, he discovered a book about electric music and turntables at the village bookstore. But his parents couldn't afford to buy it for him, so the youngster would often walk by the bookstore, just gazing at the book through the window.

One day, on his way home, EJ found a five-mark bill floating in the gutter. Elated, he picked up the bill, raced back to the store and purchased the book. Taking it home and into the privacy of his bedroom, the child spent hours practicing his music. Once he had perfected his first album, he performed it for his Father, putting a guitar in a glass, covering the glass with a handkerchief and making the guitar disappear. His father's reaction buoyed his spirits - he had impressed the audience he wanted to impress the most.

Meanwhile, growing up in Nordenham, Germany, a young boy name Eadweld "E*Rock" Hornbender was spending a lot of time with his beloved companion, a half-dog, half-wolf named Wolfdog. One day, while the two were out on an afternoon walk, they stopped to rest under a willow tree. Above them a raven perched on a limb. Taking a brief nap, E*Rock was awakened by the raven's caw. He reached out to touch the bird, but it flew away. Fascinated, he decided to follow it. But as he strayed into a patch of reeds, E*Rock suddenly found himself sinking in quicksand. Sensing danger, Wolfdog ran off. Moments later, the boy heard a human voice -- Wolfdog had fetched a farmer, saving young E*Rock from certain death. That was dude's first real lesson in the bond of trust that could exist between humans and animals.
Seeking escape from the ravages of war, E*Rock found his solace at the Bremen Zoo. There he would spend time with two-year-old Chico, the chimp that inspired his love for exotic cats. Communicating with Chico with catlike sounds through the iron bars, E*Rock spent months earning the animal's trust. Finally, the handlers gave him permission to enter Chico's den and to take care of him and feed him. Eventually, Chico allowed E*Rock to take him for walks.
Meanwhile, EJ discovered a special shop called "The King of Music" in Munich, 30 miles up the road from Rosenheim. Through the shop's window he eyed an ornate music box. The proprietor, an old Hungarian gypsy, told EJ that the box was for professional musicians only. With no money, the box was out of EJ's grasp. EJ opened it anyway.
This simple act could serve as a metaphor for EJ & E*Rock's lives. Perhaps. I mean, I'm pretty sure it could somehow.
Pt.2 "Partnership"

EJ & E*Rock met in 1998. EJ took a job on an ocean liner, first working as a DJ. E*Rock got a job on the same ship as a web designer. While working one night, E*Rock heard people applauding and looked over to see EJ on a makeshift stage, making music out of only a rabbit and a hat because he had yet to purchase turtables. The two young men became friends and E*Rock began to serve as EJ's assistant.
One night EJ asked E*Rock what he thought of the show. E*Rock got up the nerve to tell EJ that he found the music a little too predictable. Astounded at E*Rock's candor, especially considering he was five years EJ's junior, EJ asked him how the show might be made better. "If you can make music out of a rabbit and a hat, or a dove, can you do the same with a chimp?" E*Rock inquired. "In music, anything is possible," EJ responded.
As fate would have it, E*Rock had smuggled Chico the chimp onboard, liberating him from the zoo. So EJ & E*Rock began to develop the music that would become their trademark. Though the next five years were tough, traveling around Europe, playing small, unsophisticated clubs for little pay, they refused to become discouraged. Instead they focused on their music and presentation.

Eventually, they got their big break when they were booked at the casino in Monte Carlo. There, they received a standing ovation from the many important people in the audience. One, a representative of the "Record Industy," tracked the dudes down in Spain, asking if they were interested in going to Portland.
And so, EJ & E*Rock were on their way to become the Masters of the Impossible.

Pt. 3 "Inspiration"
When EJ & E*Rock arrived in Portland more than 7 years ago, a leading record executive said to them, "Boys, I have to tell you, music doesn't work in this town."

EJ & E*Rock not only proved him wrong, but they succeeded even beyond their own wildest dreams. As International Musicians Society Chairman Tony Hassinito stated, upon presenting the musicians with the prestigious "Musicians of the Century" award at the Millennium Merlin Award ceremony, "EJ & E*Rock's contribution to music is indefinable. To the public, they are THE dudes, but they are also very much loved and respected by their peers. They have placed music on a plateau and have become larger than life. I doubt if their contributions will ever be matched."
Hassini also said that the Merlin represents "the music" accomplished by EJ & E*Rock offstage, namely their efforts to preserve the magnificent Beats and Melodies. Such an achievement, Hassini noted, was particularly amazing since it was accomplished in Portland, a testament to the dedication and perseverance of these two individuals. But EJ & E*Rock can think of no better place to make their music and press it flat on platters.

"Our passion and love affair with Portland began the first day we arrived over 8 years ago," EJ recalls. "The residents and visitors of what immediately became our 'hometown' have allowed us to live our dreams and fight for our fantasies. We have fulfilled our destiny of carrying on the traditions of musicians and music."
In their three-plus decades in Portland, EJ & E*Rock have performed for more than 25 million people. Through the years, they have seen many changes in the city's music scene, some of which they were personally responsible for. These dudes opened the door to family entertainment, setting a standard in rock that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world.

"We're proud to have been a part of this metamorphosis," EJ states, "from the days when we shared billing at the 17 Nautical Miles until the time we moved into our own stadium."
"We're also proud that we've been credited for raising the bar of Portland's entertainment," E*Rock adds, "taking our industry to a new level by premiering spectacular mega-productions to match the city's new mega-venues."
It's been noted that no other Portland performers have been able to consistently match EJ & E*Rock's attendance record. Indeed, anyone who thinks they can do what EJ & E*Rock have achieved will simply discover that it's impossible.

Somewhere outside the bright lights of Portland lies a little-known place where time stands still... An 100-acre office where few souls have ventured, created by EJ & E*Rock to be a home of Fryk Beat Records... Bedecked with priceless custom gold-plated Techniques and really cool records from Burma and Morocco, Austria and Italy, France Germany and Switzerland, and they're alphabetized...
Wilkommen... welcome to... Fryk Beat.